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Contract address : 0xaf604F7f1BF4F7387948B5510c273B433e6Dc164
We will change your vision of living a better life beyond Metaverse
on Earth 2.0 called Kepler-452b. We take on Oath to not pollute earth
and lead humanity into better world.
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Welcome to ZecheX

Zechex believes in delivering better ways to earn by betting on near future on Super Earth. Zechex is building an infrastructure to make life happen on Planet better than earth. Our Ecosystem is well-coordinated and brings productive interaction with customers to take Zechex above moon.

Zechex Mining
We develop new algorithms for analyzing cryptocurrency mining. Zech has started testing Proof of Spacetime(PoST) as the most advanced algorithm to mine ZEX.
Zechex Trade
ZEX Trading has started trading on decentralized exchanges and keep staked assets in secured wallets of Zechex.
Zechex cryptocurrency exchange
Zechex is working on to offer the best cross-rates for crypto worldwide, the mainnet of Zech Exchange will be made available soon.
Why choose Zechex

Zechex has an extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. Our experts know all about cryptocurrencies. Our knowledge
helps us earn money for us and our clients. Here are our main features, what distinguishes us from our competitors.

Insured Wallets
Feel secure with your Staking with an insured wallet
Zex utility token
that helps in capitalizing or financing projects
Post Algorithm
an algorithm is a finite sequence of well-defined instructions
Beyond Metaverse
typically used to describe the concept of a future
Track Record
Stake on Earth 2.0
Green Mining
Introduce to ZEX coin





Zex ignite : Quarterly Burn

Coin statistics
Life Support with ZecheX

Our planet is deteriorating and Life on the earth is getting shorter each decade. We are working for better life support on a Super earth that offers better living environment for humans. To make this happen Zechex is working on human exchange model and to give you a safe and better life to our successors. Your contribution to every ZEX goes into life support project that will offer your properties on Super Earth in advance.

Unique idea from
    USSR stood the first to Explore Mars and Moon in 20th Century. Czech Republic continues to contribute towards Russian Space program to offer better life to humans. Zechex Came up with the human exchange model from Earth to Kepler- Super Earth. Zechex Community will be the first to explore such privileges ever in this universe.
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How does it work?

Investment in is available to everyone. Any person all over the world can become an investor of
and get profit with the company. It'll take you a few minutes. To do this, follow these simple steps.

Swap on DEX
Swap your crypto for Zex on the DEX, then send it to your Zechex Wallet and earn more Yield.
Stake on Zechex
Bring your Zex or buy on Zechex through exchange of BNB (more pairs coming soon)
Refer a Friend
Earn ZEX by referring new users! You'll get upto 16% in ZEX of your referral’s staked amount from 10 Levels. Limited Period Offer.
Affiliate Program

We offer a Ten-tier affiliate program that provides a reward of upto 16% of the deposits made by your referrals. In addition to the advantages of a 10-tier you can make unlimited referrals in every level cross width for unlimited commission. We also offer you an option to become our regional representative to earn extra benefits.

Direct Reward
We suggest using partner tools and a reward for attracting staking of 9% of the amount of your Direct referrals’ staking.
Team Rewards
Special system - a representation commission from 9 levels. Receive 7% of your referral’s staking after receiving the required status.
Direct Sponsor
2nd-5th Level
6th-10th Level
Unlimited user
Unlimited user
Unlimited user
Security and Payment

All data of investors of is safe. The site has DDoS protection against cyber attacks and various security threats,
SSL is installed for the secure payments. All payments are absolutely safe and secure.