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Contract address : 0xaf604F7f1BF4F7387948B5510c273B433e6Dc164


Zechex believes in delivering better ways to earn by betting on near future on Super Earth. Zechex is building an infrastructure to make life happen on Planet better than earth. Our Ecosystem is well-coordinated and brings productive interaction with customers to take Zechex above moon.

  • Q3, 2022

    CEX Listing

    Zech listing on Centralized exchanges after seed and successive sale rounds by Tapping the Exchanges of Best economies.

  • Q4, 2022

    Zech Exchange launch

    Zech mainnet Exchange will be launched after running testnet by selected users in return of zex rewards.

  • Q4, 2022

    Mainnet Upgrade

    Mainnet will be launched with a major focus on to solve the lifecycle of humanity and energy conservation for Kepler.

  • Q1, 2023

    Miner's Node Improvement

    To include the ability to upgrade the Nodes of space Time to store and request fast-retrieval from miners via an unsealed copy, and exchange Zex for successful movement via improved channels.

  • Q1, 2023

    Zechex Launchpad

    Zech Based Launchpad will allow competive projects to run initial offerings to allow participants to subscribe before listing.

  • Q2, 2023

    Registration on Kepler

    Holders of Zex Coins will be given a chance to register on Kepler(Super Earth) for human exchange program.

  • Q2, 2023

    NFT Disturibution to Holders

    Zex Holders will be regularly distributed Space NFTs tradeable on Multiple NFT Marketplaces.

  • Q4, 2023

    Human Exchange Initiation

    Our ultimate Goal to exchange Humans will begun as a part of our Zech Model's Ecosystem. Conservation of Life will begin with your first step with Zechex.